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سورین فربد

Iranian experience in manufacturing high performance machines and machine vision technology, robotics, modern industrial automation and artificial intelligence

Quality control, sorting, dimensions of equipment, inspection and guidance of equipment

Implementation of smart factory based on industry.4

  Speed, Efficiency, Accuracy, Safety, Quality & Reproducibility  

Advances in technology have changed the nature of the industry. New technologies such as robotics, machine vision, modern industrial automation and their adaptation to artificial intelligence capabilities have created a new generation of capabilities that enable automation not only in the mass production process but also in low-volume production environments.

Sorin Farbod ensures the long-term success of projects by considering safety, efficiency, ease of use, environment, modifications and reliability


Sorin Farbod, the evolution of technology in industry

Advantages of artificial intelligence and machine vision in Sorin Farbod machine

We protect your brand by using high-tech and smart systems



Advanced implementation

With the implementation of an intelligent factory with flexible processes, the automation of all control, production and inspection equipment is implemented in an adjustable manner. In all machine processes, with the help of intelligent and high-precision processing, it maximizes quality and eliminates all gaps effective in reducing quality



Improve quality and productivity

Consider advanced systems with the latest technologies in the world more than any other system. You are faced with a world of advanced algorithms, enhanced intelligence, analytics tools and extensible processes. The power of artificial intelligence with deep learning and traditional tools of machine vision, enables the successful execution of any project



Make better decisions

Displaying various production statistics and advanced inspections in the form of a beautiful and practical dashboard will help you understand the production process faster. Seeing the percentage of defects online, the peak of quality problems as well as alarms related to failure thresholds are all benefits of a practical monitoring and help you take corrective action in a timely manner and before delivering the defective product to the customer.

Solve problems related to automation and quality processes of your products with proper planning.

Sorin Farbod steps to perform automatic and intelligent inspections in your factory

Contact our experts


Contact us today and our experts will determine the best solution for your product range and application. You will benefit from a wide range of creative solutions and we will suggest the right solution based on your experience and financial ability and focus on its proper implementation.

Testing and simulation


By holding expert meetings and simulating problems, we carefully examine and test your products in our laboratory and display the initial results. Our experts will share all the useful information and methods with you to make sure they have a correct and accurate understanding of your project and are focused on the right path.

Integration with production lines


We offer complete automation and integration. We consider any peripherals including conveyor, robot, sensor, plc and how to communicate with them and try to create the best productivity for you.

Installation & Commissioning


We deliver a complete system based on a standard checklist to your engineers and help them understand all the points of using the system and easily manage the system in different situations. Sorin Farbod software platform allows you to quickly launch devices with the ability to constantly update.

Training and support


Comprehensive training programs for all  staff levels with on-site support by share the precise execution of processes. Operators, maintenance and engineering, will all benefit from increased knowledge and a full support network.

Factory information network


Our systems are able to automatically send useful data to the integrated and dedicated network information of factory, databases and with the types of controllers you want, and you also keep the production and inspection processes on track.