Feasibility study and project implementation

By receiving a request from customers, Sorin Farbod Company will use all its potentials to be able to offer a suitable offer to the customer based on the set budget.

 In this way, protecting the interests of the customer and avoiding the imposition of unrealistic costs, is one of the ethical and professional principles that by adhering to it, we will guarantee the success of customer projects.

 Sorin Farbod, based on her experience and laboratory equipment, if necessary, creates small samples and in-depth study of customer projects and minimizes project risk.

we introduce useful methods and equipment and remind you of the risk of areas of the project that

Receive a request from the customer


Get the initial details of the project through the project evaluation form


Preliminary review of the project by experts

At this stage, similar foreign examples, if any, will be examined and experts will try to get an overview of the work and examine its challenges.


Visit the employer company

At this stage, the client’s company was visited and during meetings with technical people, as well as reviewing the project implementation environment, all points and details of information work were collected in order to resolve the existing ambiguities and get a correct view of the project.


Perform initial tests

At this stage, Sorin Farbod experts receive samples for initial testing from the employer and gain a more accurate understanding of the implementation challenges. If necessary, more contacts will be established with the client’s technical staff to ensure that our experts have a good understanding of the project.



At this stage, Sorin Farbod experts present their cost and time estimates as well as their various proposals to the marketing unit.


Offer the best proposal

The marketing department prepares a comprehensive proposal and provides it to the employer according to the budget considered by the employer as well as the time constraints that may be defined for the project. There will also be accompanying meetings with the employer so that the employer can make the right decision to start the project.