Industrial Robots Department

A new approach to productivity

Welcome to the Industrial Robots Department of Sorin Farbod Company.

Given the new definitions in industrial technology, it can be predicted that the industry will start a new decade. In the last 10 years, significant advances have been made in the field of industrial robots and the technologies used in them, as well as production line technologies.

Given the astonishing advances we have seen in this decade, it looks like we will see more changes in industrial robots in the next 10 years. In Iran, due to the significant increase and growth of products of various factories, the need for heavy production lines to use industrial robots is felt more than ever.

In Sorin Farbod Industrial Robots Department, we try to draw the attention of Iranian craftsmen more than ever to justify the use of robotic lines and related technologies, and in this regard, our experts provide various services of consulting and informing about new processes from the implementation and development of robotic cells to those interested in this industrial field.

Sorin Farbod Company, based on its organizational mission, is proud to inform the companies present in this industrial cycle of the trends and innovations developed in it, and as a knowledge-based company to help meet the technological needs of the country’s industry.

One aspect of innovation in industrial robots can be seen in its programming, since the most robust and versatile robots are virtually nothing without effective programming, which is why many engineers and developers of industrial robots focus on better design of software in this area.

Another aspect of technology is artificial intelligence, which today is a pivotal development for almost every industry and holds special promise for robotics and automation. Combining artificial intelligence with advanced robotic systems has advanced automated manufacturing processes through sophisticated machine learning to a high level of machine intelligence. But no matter what the future holds for robotics production and inspection, companies will have no choice but to move to these growing technologies to increase productivity and competitiveness, and is better that they will move in this direction with reliable and experienced consultants.

The experts of Sorin Farbod Company, with more than a decade of experience in implementing robotic projects and specializing in the use of artificial intelligence, are ready to provide a wide range of services in this industrial field. In the following, you will get acquainted with the concept of robotic cells and the justification for their use.

What is a robotic cell?

A robotic cell is one or a set of robots that do things automatically in a cell. The goal of these robots is to maximize, accelerate and simplify a complete production module and achieve high levels of product quality repetition.

These automated systems have a very high degree of independence. Keep in mind that robots can cover night shifts and holidays without human intervention. They never get sick and do not go on vacation!

Robotic cells allow companies to operate twice  work hours as traditional operators during working weeks!

Thus, while initial investment may be significant, it provides the rapid return on investment (ROI) that is essential for managers with budget constraints. In our experience, a well-designed robotic cell is less than a year return on investment.


What do robotic cells do for you?

Robotic cells are used to automate various operations in many manufacturing sectors. In performing these tasks, speed and accuracy are key factors for the application of these systems and also play a decisive role in automating quality and inspection processes. Also, by using these tools, different production statistics can be documented in a reliable way and in a uniform process. The various tasks that robotic cells perform in industry can be categorized into the following basic groups:

Machine Tending

As mentioned above, this type of robotic automation is used in any industrial field (automotive, aviation, mechanics, medicine, food, etc.). No matter what the task of a robotic cell, the output will be accurate and reliable.

In addition to being a highly efficient system, robotic cells have tremendous flexibility, so by changing the type of process, you can easily reprogram the robots without making major changes. In addition, if the company needs to switch from one type of process to another, robot cells can change very fast and efficient.

Robots and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, also known as the Internet Of Things (IOT), is changing the way manufacturers work around the world. The ability to collect, analyze and act on production data, especially in terms of efficiency and continuous optimization, has a transformative effect on operations.

For smarter device management, robot cells can also be equipped with a system for collecting, storing and processing generated data. This software usually uses a router, which also allows you to troubleshoot and remotely control the robot cell.

The high level of technology obtained through this data storage and control system enables it to meet the needs of the 4.0 industry.


Why choose Sorin Farbod to design and execute your robotic projects?

Innovative robotic solutions that enable you to produce effectively now and, in the future


Improve the quality and compatibility of production


Increase production speed and increase production


Reduce waste rates and operating costs


Reduce employee injury rates

Full integration

Easily integrate with existing equipment


Designed for easy operation

Sorin Farbod offers a wide range of automated solutions for your products, always focusing on efficiency and process improvement. Our solutions that can be installed separately on machines or production lines or can be fully customized to responsiveness customer needs, and ensure that they optimize the production process and increase the value of human resources.

Process knowledge

Experienced robotics specialists (about 12 years of experience)
Engineering and design
Installation and programming
Cooperation with KUKA, FANUC, ABB and Yaskawa brands
Specialization in multi-robot custom systems

Robot tools

Design and build custom tools

Easy installation of tools

Use of abrasion resistant materials

Flexible fixtures

Tested designs

Robotic cells are pre-engineered or fully customized

For any application

For any industry

Independent of robot selection

Engineering solutions:

  • Complete design of robotic system including mechanical, electrical, software components, controls, machine vision, sensors, algorithms, route planning.

Controls, optimization, motion planning, machine vision:

  • Extensive familiarity with the route and movement planning for the robot.

  • Optimal motion scheduling includes system dynamics, barriers and stimulus dynamics.

  • Experience in creating machine vision-based systems for handling parts

Planning and implementation experience:

  • Experiment with Fanuc, Kawasaki, Hyundai, ABB and other brand robots
  • Familiarity with the types of tools and gripper used by robots

Design, control, movement planning of industrial robots:

  • 6-axis industrial robots
  • Familiarity with the types of tools and gripper used by robots