About Us

Welcome to the attractive scientific foundation of Sorin Farbod.

The company started working on machine vision projects and industrial robots in 2011 and since 2018, it has been working mainly in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning processes.

The experts of this company, during these years, have succeeded in manufacturing and presenting various quality control machines based on machine vision and have been actively involved in several projects.

Sorin Farbod Company was officially established in 2020 and offers various activities and services to customers through this company.

The founders of Sorin Farbod consider the structure of the company to be much better than individual and independent work and are proud of their punctuality, high level of self-awareness and discipline of their teammates and are aware that while working on a project, factors may change a lot like time or cost, so always they try to manage it and offer reliable services and predefined high-tech products.

Now, this company has succeeded in participating in the gathering of knowledge-based companies and they have a lot of motivation in continuing and flourishing this path.

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