Complete robotics and automation solutions

For the automotive industry

Rapid technological change and growth in global competition create conditions in the automotive industry that require a dynamic response and flexibility from manufacturers. Whether you need 6-axis robots that Whether the need is for 6-axis machines performing cleaning tasks while withstanding spray or for automated seat tests, industrial robots with 4- and 6-axis arms offer solutions. Who meet difficult needs in the most difficult situations.

Industrial robots bring precision, dynamics, path accuracy and reliability to interior, body and safety, powertrain as well as wheel and tire applications.


Internal space

Beauty, design and performance are what matter inside the car. Robots are great for such tedious tasks.
Beauty, design and performance – Customer expectations around the world rise with each new model launched at all levels of the market. Interior designers want to meet these expectations with more attractive solutions, but their ideas inevitably require more sophisticated production techniques. Robots are therefore essential for indoor applications, whether used for .automatic seat testing or for fast polishing


Chassis and safety

Laser cutting, assembly of headlights, and production of airbags with zero defects are some of the most suitable applications of robots.

Automation solutions for car and passenger body safety

Laser cutting of body panels, assembly of headlights, milling of composite front aprons, advanced assembly of ABS systems, production of zero-defect airbags – the deployment of robots in the field of body and safety is almost endless. Industrial robots prove their worth in all conceivable applications where there is no room for error. The strengths of four-axis and six-axis robots – accuracy, dynamics, trajectory control, and reliability – are prerequisites for appropriate solutions in these sensitive areas.



Applications in which robots excel: Installing sensitive sensors, placing parts in complex assembly lines, and cleaning parts

Automation solutions for powertrain manufacturing applications

Powertrain applications are among the most challenging robot-assisted production lines. Errors can quickly lead to complete vehicle breakdowns, which is the worst-case scenario for any carmaker. Robot engagement ranges from the assembly of high-precision sensors and the complex construction of engines and transmission components to the cleaning of parts. Sorin Farbod also has solutions for some relatively unusual applications, such as 6-axis anti-spray models for cleaning work and ESD versions that deal with electrostatic discharge.



Due to the rigor in quality and productivity needs, new robotic applications are being identified, for example, carving prototype rubber profiles.

Automation solutions for the production of wheels and tires

Inspection and handling tasks for aluminum rims have long been standard applications in automation technology, but the demand for higher quality and productivity is constantly opening up new fields of application for robots. Today, robots are carving prototype tire profiles. Operating under such challenging conditions calls for the utmost accuracy. These and other applications of advanced technology have only been achieved using high-precision industrial robots.