Machine Tending with robot

Tending machine is one of the most widely used application robots in the industry and the purpose of tending machine is to put a piece inside the machines to perform a special operation on it. In most factories, this work is done by the operator, which is uniform and repetitive work. And causes operator fatigue and reduced work efficiency and sometimes causes harm to humans.

Machine Tending with robot
Machine tending in semi-automatic transfer machine:

In this project, the robot is responsible for the operation of inserting parts into the jaw of the transfer machine. As you can see in the figure, a double table has been used to remove the parts by the robot and give it to the machine. In this method, the operator only places the parts on the table regularly for a short time, then the robot intelligently removes the parts from the table and places them inside the machine.

تغذیه ماشین با ربات
Machine tending in automatic transfer machine:

In this project, instead of a double table, a conveyor system is used, which detects the position of the piece by the machine vision system. As you can see in the figure, there is a tank to fill the part. These parts are guided individually on the conveyor. The coordinates of the part are then identified by the machine vision and sent to the robot. Based on the received coordinates, the robot removes the part from the conveyor and places it inside the jaw of the transfer machine