Application of industrial robots

In the metal industry

Industrial robots are used to process metal parts, from machining to loading and unloading machines. We design and execute compact robotic cells to suit your application.

HSM (high-speed machining) robots is ideal for a number of high-speed applications such as finishing, die trimming, modeling, drilling, tapping, deburring, contouring and weld bead machining on various materials (e.g., aluminum, stainless steel or composites).

Machine tools load and unload

Sorin Farbod designs industrial robot cells that are great for placing and removing workpieces and tools on machines.

The use of industrial robots in placing and removing workpieces and tools in machines allows us to use industrial robots in a variety of machines: single, twin and multi-spindle lathes, rotary/linear transfer machines, machining/tapping centers, and grinding, honing, boring, cutting as well as superfinishing machines.


  • IP65 has a fully enclosed structure
  • Ability to work in difficult environments (oil, pleats, etc.)
  • Take up very little space
  • No need for a permanent operator
  • Robot wrist joint compatible with machine tool applications
  • High level of repeatability
  • High speed
  • flexibility
  • user friendly

High-speed machining

A full range of fast machining robots (HSMs) performs machining operations with precision and flexibility.

HSM (High-Speed Machining) robots for machining

Sorin Farbod offers a full range of high-speed machining robots (HSM) for machining operations that require high flexibility. HSM industrial robots are especially suitable for high-speed machining operations such as finishing, die trimming, modeling, drilling, tapping, deburring, contouring and weld bead machining on various materials.


laser cutting

Laser cutting robots have very high speed and excellent trajectory control.

A specialized laser cutting robot

6-axis laser cutting robots offer the perfect combination of precise trajectory control, wide reach, high speed and compact size. These robots have an enclosed structure and can be top mounted for easy cutting and working. This increase in flexibility improves productivity at a very competitive price.


Washing and cleaning

Waterproof robots use cleaning tools and workpieces. They are resistant to exposure to water and a wide range of chemical solutions.

Washing robots

Automatic washing solutions reduce production and increase product quality while reducing operating costs. Industrial washing robots are specially sealed and can withstand a wide range of chemical solutions in acidic and alkaline environments. They are very suitable for low-pressure and high-pressure cleaning, degreasing, washing and drying.

Advantages of robotic washing

Maintaining product quality and production rate, optimizing the process depending on the product to be washed/cleaned.

The flexibility of the robot movement allows all points to be washed and cleaned.

Reduce costs (reduce the use of water, electricity, air and cleaning chemicals).

Eliminate manpower working in high-risk environment



To do painting work, industrial robots meet all the needs of this field in a wide range of industries.

Industrial robots meet all painting requirements.

From traditional applications to electrostatic processes, industrial robots cover all paint needs in a wide range of industries: auto parts, home appliances, electronics and more.